Cold-Case Aluminum Radiators

Why Cold Case?

Here at Cold Case, our goal is to produce the highest quality aluminum radiator, make every model be a direct fit, look original, all while maintaining a reasonable price point. Our extensive research and development team ensures that you are getting a drop in radiator with every purchase. We don't cut corners or cross over year ranges if the dimensions are close. If we list it, it's a direct fit with no modifications to be made.

All Cold Case Radiators Feature:

- Lifetime Warranty
- 60 Day COOL Guarantee
- Correct OEM Fitment 
- 100% Expert TIG Welded
- 2 Oversized Cooling Rows
- (2x) 1" to 1 1/4" Tubes Per Row 
- OEM Stamped Fully Polished Tanks


Take a look below at the following comparisons between a Cold Case radiator and the competition.




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