Bed Side Hole Caps with Amber Lights 1940-66

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Bed Side Hole Caps with Amber Lights  1940-66 GM Step Amber Light


Bed Side Hole Caps with Amber Lights

Bed side hole caps with an amber light in the middle of the hole cap. Includes amber lens and 12 volt light. The bulb is a type 194 miniature single filament bulb commonly used in GM sidemarker applications. Connect to your existing light or turn signal for extra visibility. Fits GM 1940-1966 Original Bed Sides or GM 1940-1987 MAR-K Bed Sides. These aluminum caps are made to fit in the ends of the bed sides. A rubber o-ring aids in installation and helps the caps stay in place. There are variations in the bed side curls, so we suggest you check the inside diameter of your curl before ordering. The size we make for this hole cap is 1-19/32 inches. The lighted hole cap will provide additional lighting at the rear of your truck, but is not intended to replace your DOT legal turn signal system. 

Sold in Pair  ( 2 stuks ) 

Made in Oklahoma City, USA.

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