Ford Car Flathead V8 Water Pump

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1949-53 Ford Car Flathead V8 Water Pump Double Narrow Black


These new water pumps feature severe-duty roller and ball bearings, close tolerances and modular impellers to provide maximum flow and reduce cavitation. They also have modern ceramic seals on a heavy duty 3/4" shaft, making the assembly exceptionally strong and more efficient.

  • For 1949-53 Ford, narrow belt, two-belt system
  • Passenger side pulley offset 3-9/16"
  • Driver side pulley offset 2-3/4"
  • Ceramic seals on sturdy 3/4" shaft
  • High-flow modular impeller reduces cavitation
  • Gasket included
  • Passenger side pump includes threaded boss for heater hose connection
  • Driver side pump does not have heater hose connection

Water Pump Type:                  Mechanical

Water Pump Style:                  Short

Pulley Type Compatibility:       V-Belt

Groove Count:                         1

Belt Width:                              0.38"

Housing Material:                    Cast-Iron

Housing Finish:                       Painted

Housing Color:                       Black

Mounted Length:                    5.08"

Pilot Shaft Diameter:             0.75 Inch

Overall Height:                       10.22"

Gasket(s) Included:                Yes

Hardware Included:                No

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